InRete is a new independent company, which provides multi-sector professionals and industry experts, in national and international markets. The group provides data processing services and secretarial services for enterprises and public accountants.Below is the profile of the Coordinating Member. Twenty years of professional experience throughout Italy, where he worked in all areas of management control, finance, administration, accounting, taxation, organization. Since 2013 he develops a network of exchange based on a complementary currency (Weexchange); Since 2014, he founded a business and professional network which assists the patent holder and startup to develop their  business in Italy and abroad; he develops a network of business professionals for the internationalization in Maghreb.



InRete Partners trade economic information and business opportunity. We offer appraisal and valuation of your network project under Italian law n. 2012/221. We also highlight Network Manager.
We help you in new venture, because alone ….











Audit of Financial Statements

Companies and Industries

Auditor -RSM Italy Audit & Assurance – Roma.

  • Insurance -Levante assicurazioni
  • Automotive industry – Renault Italia
  • Maintenance radar equipment – Vitroselenia
  • Fish farming – Ittica Ugento
  • Iron and Steel – Nuova Sanac
  • Production of refractory material – Nuova Atla

Senior Auditor di Deloitte & Touche spa – Roma

  • Air Navigation – Alisarda
  • Ceramics Industry – Cerasarda (industrial accounting)
  • Financial Brokerage – Merril Lynch
  • Banks- Cassa di Risparmio di Rieti
  • Environmental services Gruppo IRI -Finidreg spa
  • Manufacture of electrical coils – Nuova Magrini Meridionale spa
  • Manufacture of paraffin Gruppo ENI – Paraffine Sarde
  • Tools for oil extraction- Backer Oil Tool
  • Pension Funds – Fondo Mario Negri
  • Construction and maintenance boats- Cantieri Navali di Olbia

Supervising auditor della KPMG SPA

  • Banks – Cassa di Risparmio di Puglia
  • Manufacture of living -Gruppo Industrie Natuzzi
  • Banks – Istituto di Credito Fondiario ed Edilizio della Lucania e Calabria
  • Manufacture of metal packaging – Futura Imballaggi
  • Leasing – Fimel
  • Public Charity – Lecce -Casa di Riposo F. Marangi

Accounting, Finance and Control


Building – Marrollo Costruzioni srl

Wholesaler of electrical equipment – since 1993 Sonepar Italia spa

Business Consultancy: administrative reorganization; grants and financing; Support for start ups; appraisals of shares…



  • Construction of facilities – Ets srl
  • Manufacture of living – Soft-line spa
  • Financial advice Advanced – Amu spa
  • Iron Trade – Siderurgica Pugliese spa
  • Steel Trade – Tecnoacciai srl
  • Shoe factory – Meeting shoes srl
  • Textile and packaging – Mapal
  • Construction armored doors – Omi Italia
  • Shoe factory – Dolim srl
  • Advertising agency – Info srl
  • Database Procurement and vortal informative – for the financial sector procurement and construction – Infopubblica srl
  • Installation and maintenance – Ascensori Fiore
  • Funeral service – Consorzio Ciof srl

Teaching and Corporate Training

  • Business Communication and Management Control – Meeting Shoes Srl – Matera- Regione Basilicata
  • Microeconomics and the Internet Economy – Smile Puglia – Sistemi e Metodologie Innovativi per il Lavoro e l’Educazione – Bari
  • Macroeconomics – Smile Puglia – Sistemi e Metodologie Innovativi per il Lavoro e l’Educazione – Bari
  • Abi Servizi spa – Abi Formazione – Banking and Financial Diploma – “Market Commercial and Industrial Enterprises” – Roma
  • Economic and Financial Analysis of the financial statements of commercial and industrial company – SPEGEA srl – Scuola di Perfezionamento in Gestione Aziendale – Bari