Investment evaluation

Economic and financial assessment of investment projects

Desire for enterprise, desire to invest, desire for knowledge!
Do you want to know if your investment is profitable and if it is bankable?

Developing a business idea is fascinating as well as hard work setting up the project and building a good business plan. But often the process is expensive, and the result is not satisfactory compared to the cost incurred.


We support start-ups, mature firms that decide to diversify, companies that want to invest abroad, companies that simply want to invest in new machinery and equipment for manufacturing…Now there’s a tool, mostly online, that allows in a few steps to have a basic assessment of the “profitability” and “financial sustainability” of the specific project investment.


The advantages of our online tool are:

  • Minimum Cost
  • Rapid assessment of profitability and financial sustainability of the project investment industrial and commercial
  • Also applied to specific investments such as machinery and equipment.
  • Application to all sectors which refer to the public equity markets
  • Application in all geographical areas


The service also includes assistance in our Office in order to investigate specific aspects of the business project or enterprise.

For a detailed analysis, you can download and complete the following file and send it by mail to; One of our experts will answer them as soon as possible.